Quizes and Quanderies

If you would like to try your hand at 5 challenging ethical quandaries, you may want to visit http://ethicswhisperer.com (top right of this page). This is a blog that I maintain to encourage detailed discussion of ethics and compliance issues. Your comments are always welcome!


headshot of Mark PastinWelcome to Mark Pastin’s web site. You will find information about Mark and his publications, services and speaking engagements here. Mark started working on ethics and compliance problems in business, government and the professions in the early 1970s. His 1986 book, The Hard Problems of Management: Gaining the Ethics Edge, was the first to take a managerial approach to ethics in business. (See Publications for details.) In his new book, Mark shows readers how to use their own innate ethical sense to create organizational and social change. Make an Ethical Difference: Tools for Better Action was released late in 2013 and is available now at Amazon.com and Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Different Ways People Make Ethical Choices

You might enjoy this article from BusinessWeek about the different ways in which people make ethical choices:

BusinessWeek Article: The Different Ways People Handle Ethical Issues in the Workplace