On Line Ethics Course

One of the most popular topics in my writing and speaking is how to influence ethically. I am pleased that SoundviewPro, which is the same company that does Executive Book Summaries, has made available a full video-based course titled “Influence with Ethics.” The course consists of four separate classes each built around practical tools for being effective at influencing with ethics. You can preview the course at https://www.soundviewpro.com/online-courses/_/influence-with-ethics/.  Be sure to let me know if the course helps you and how it can be improved.

How Much Agreement Is Enough

One of the excuses people give for not taking ethical action is that people never seem to agree about important ethical issues. In truth, people agree about ethics as much as they agree about science, art or anything else. It is time to put this excuse aside and Training Magazine has an article about this at http://www.trainingmag.com/how-much-agreement-enough.

Compliance Interview

In a recent interview, Mark Pastin discusses a wide range of issues on corporate compliance. Please feel free to offer comments on any of the topics discussed in the video.


Reaching Agreement on Ethics

I am always troubled that as soon as people thing of ethics, their thoughts turn to intractable disagreement. But there are broad areas of agreement on ethics, even across cultures, and it is possible to build on these agreements. This is the topic of my new article at in Business Edge. You will find it at http://businessedge.michcpa.org/issue/article.aspx?i=v11n8&a=699&s=MI. As always comments are welcome.