Don’t miss the new book, Make an Ethical Difference: Tools for Better released by Berrett-Koehler Publishers on November 4 of 2013. The book can be purchased at A number of articles about this book along with reviews appear on the left as “Related Links.”

Mark is also the author of The Hard Problems of Management: Gaining the Ethics Edge, (Jossey-Bass, 1986; Japanese edition, NTT Publications, 1994). Reviews or comments appeared in Fortune, Forbes, Training and Development Journal, Business Age, The Wall Street Journal, other publications. Mark was named  Author of the Year 1986 by the Armed Forces Military Comptrollers Association; Hard Problems was a Nominee for Book of the Year, Issues Management Association, 1986-87. This book is still available at

Mark is also the co-author of several more technical books. These books focus on  the challenges of building and managing ethics and compliance programs within organizations.

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